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As well as my sound and performance skills, detailed elsewhere, I have a solid background in theatre tech ranging from venue technician through touring company manager to general casual. I have lit operas, built sets, called shows, loaded vans and swept up confetti six inches deep across the auditorium.

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For two years in the mid nineties I was regularly called upon to be Company Manager with responsibility for sound, lights, stage management, venue liaison, actors and merch for tours of various lengths by Applause Productions.

I also toured in a similar capacity with the Company Albion's production of Beowulf in the early nineties.

From September 1989 to September 1992 I was employed by the community wing of Queen Mary's College in Basingstoke as full time Hall and Exhibitions Technician which included designing, rigging and operating lighting for everything from touring classical artists such as Alfred Brendel and Opera 80, through local community use by the Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra, the Indian Society and the like, to college events such as visiting theatre companies and lunchtime rock concerts.

During this time I often had to take on a supervisory/training role for student volunteers. I managed production for the annual Family Festival (big outdoor stage, world music acts) and after leaving was frequently employed on a freelance basis to mix both the monthly Jazz and World Music series at the Central Studio.

Prior to this I had a good grounding as a casual for the Haymarket Theatre and the Horseshoe Theatre Company in Basingstoke. I started in the early eighties helping with get ins, fit ups and get outs remaining a regular over five years which inevitably lead to some follow spot work and sound operating.

Attendance at the Basingstoke Drama Centre from the age of thirteen to sixteen started my passion for all things performance related: acting was such great fun that I hung around after workshops and rehearsals and got involved in the technical side of things, helping with sets sound effects and lighting.

Through 2006/7 I was part of the casual team for the Live Nation venue of the year: Southampton Guildhall:


Gareth Thomas, Queen Mary's College, Cliddesden Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 3HF Tel: 01256 417522 E-mail: info@qmc.ac.uk


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