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I have mixed world music, rock, folk and jazz, in venues from The Welsh valleys to Sicilian piazzas, pub back rooms to 3,000 capacity halls. I am familiar with fast turn around festivals and single band touring, my association with the folk world also means that I have experienced a wide variety of ethnic and accoustic instruments from bagpipes to tabla and harmoniums to hurdy gurdies.

I have mixed such luminaries as The Dirty Pretty Things, Eliza Carthy Band, Rory Mcleod and Anton Goosen (huge in South Africa). I spent a year as house engineer for Cecil Sharp House, three years handling world music, jazz and rock gigs for the Central Studio and Queen Mary's Hall in Basingstoke, and have the pleasure of touring internationally with Here Be Dragons.

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Mixing regular customers "Here Be Dragons" at Tatihou festival, France. This concert was recorded using one stereo microphone and a stereo feed from the desk with no remix possible. It was later released as a live album.

Whether using the house PA on tour or my own rig, as a musician I know how important good monitors are and hope you will tell me what you need in them.

I also work as a studio engineer and the lessons learnt through long, late hours spent micro tweaking in the 'comfort' of the studio, pay dividends in the exciting real time arena of the live mix.

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